The esthetician program averages 750 hours over a period 21 weeks for full time and about 34 weeks for part-time.   The program includes theory, practice, and clinical study of skin care. Students will learn how to provide a complete “spa experience” in skin care, makeup, wax techniques, and other treatments. Included in this curriculum are a series of lessons, quizzes, a mid-term, a final exam, visual demonstrations, and required skills that can be practiced in lab and clinical settings.

Graduates who complete this program will be prepared to take the required state examinations to become licensed estheticians. Once licensed, graduates will be eligible to work in salons and spas that offer full-service skin care treatments, as well as some medical establishments. Students seeking licenses in other states will be advised about requirements in those states.

Esthetician Curriculum (750 Clock Hours)


All tuition and fees must be paid in advance, or other arrangements should be made prior to the commencement of class.  Payment methods include cash, credit card, money order, cashier’s check or scholarships from local school districts or non-profit organizations.  For information on tuition assistance, please contact the Director. East Texas Cosmetology College reserves the right to change tuition and fees, make subject changes when necessary, and make substitutions in kits as required without prior notice. Any changes in fees will not affect attending students. The student may purchase the book and kit on their own as an option.